Bath and Change


The Baby's Bath...

The bath normally is given in the morning or evening depending on your preference or schedule. In choosing where and how to give your baby a bath, remember that you and your baby need to be comfortable and that this moment should be special and enjoyable for both of you.

The Bathtub

The Classic Bath

The Classic tub is very versatile. It can typically be installed in the bottom of the shower, in the family bathtub, or may fit on the edges of the tub (TIP: Place high up on the tub for a more comfortable back position). Some are conveniently equipped with a drain to empty the water without having to lift them. Pro: The baby bath prevents the waste of water.
Con: Growing baby loves to splash and be at ease in a larger space therefore you may have to purchase different size tubs.

The Vertical Bath

Several brands have made baths reminiscent of the womb of the mother in shape and height. The Vertical bath stands upright and can be placed on a support in the bathroom with a comfortable stool for the parent. This is an innovative method of bathing your child.
Pro: It consumes less water and the water stays warmer longer than in a conventional bath.
Con: For some vertical models, it could be costly. You may have to buy the tub, the support and the stool separately. Baby is not necessarily easy to rinse in so little water.

The Changing Table and Bathtub

This table combines the changing mat and bathtub. This model is preferred to those that require folding up the table to display the baby bath. It is important to check if the height of the table is adjustable to the size of the parents.
Pro: Consolidation
Con: The discharge of water after the bath can be difficult.

The Vintage Bathtub

the idea is have a classic, baby tub resting on a claw foot stand that can either settle on the floor in the bathroom or set in the family bathtub.
Pro: As the height of the tub is greater, the baby is higher and easier to bath.
Con: Watch out to water splashes

The Inflatable Bathtub

This is a very original solution with homes that have little space.
Pro: The most comfortable tub for a baby.
Con: It is less easy to clean after use.

Criteria to be considered in your choice of tub:

The size of your bathroom: how much space do you have?Do you have the space to install a cabinet type changing table? Inflatable or solid tubs often hang on the walls of the bathroom after use.
Will you be in a comfortable position for giving your baby a bath?
Easy to use: Can you easily put your baby in and out of the tub then onto changing mat or table?
Easy to empty and store the tub after use


The Bath Seat, Bath Rings and Bath Loungers

To gently and safely place your baby in the tub without having to hold the tub, there are bathroom seats that are placed in the bottom of the tub (suitable from birth to 8 months or when your baby is able to sit) and bath rings that are used when the baby is seated. Pro: They allow you to keep your hands free while giving the bath. Con: They do not provide much stability of the baby.
The rigid plastic tub is easier to maintain may be considered less comfortable.
The Bath Lounger (lounge chair) is more comfortable but does not always dry between baths.
The lounger "hammock" is a mesh that allows the baby to hang on the surface of the water. This will require the bathtub to be filled with water for baby to stay warm.

The Bath Thermometer

It is an essential practice to check the temperature of the water for the protection of your baby. A bath thermometer comes in a few different forms

Protective Covering for Faucets

They prevent the baby from bumping themselves against the hard faucet and burns from direct contact with hot water. Parents prefer secure models with playful designs that appeal to children.

Drying off

The Baby Bathrobe

This baby towel has a soft lining and forms a cap in the corner that gently caresses your baby's head. The towel must be large enough to dry baby effectively as well as be soft and absorbent. It should accommodate babies until 10 to12 months of age.

The Poncho Bath

It is often used at the beach or pool so that baby stays comfortable and covered.


This is more for when your baby begins to stand and walk. It can also serve as a dressing gown.

Toys and Games for the Bath

The bath is a relaxing and playful time. There are many kinds of toys that will entertain and educate your baby. As it is essential to play and interact with your child during bath time, be sure to choose toys and games that baby can play with alone without frustration; for example: colorful toy Fish, different waterproof characters, counting ducks and especially waterproof bath books. These are excellent sources of fun and enlightenment that you can share with your child. (Remember to clean the waterproof books regularly).

The Changing Table

It helps of course to change baby in a comfortable and safe position, the changing table..
It is usually installed in the bathroom or bedroom, depending on the space available

There are many types of changing tables:
The wall attached table (kit is included). This is ideal for small interiors, they fold up as needed. They must be equipped with a changing pad (see the chart).

There are more expensive changing tables that combine convenient storage and a convenient detachable changing the plan above.

The basic changing tables (or changing shelves) consist of a changing table (some are equipped with changing mat) and is a support that folds up or a shelf with storage below. They can be equipped with wheels to move.

Pay attention the size of the table when folded and unfolded to make sure that you have ample storage in your home

The Changing Mat

The standard mattress is made of PVC with foam. It is easily cleaned with a sponge but must be disinfected regularly.
To avoid the cold touch of PVC, there are PVC covers in terry cloth that can come in the same pattern as your baby's bed linen. There are also mattresses with washable terry cloth coverings that attach to the base of the mattress.
The mattress has a standard size but its dimensions are not always suitable to replace the mattress that comes with some changing table models.