The Bedroom


Decorating your baby's room

Preparing the baby's room is a pleasure for parents. It is the opportunity to completely create a warm and exciting environment for your baby. It gives you the opportunity to go shopping, to find the best theme and colors to suite your imagination.
Things seem to get more complicated however when it comes to choosing the bed, mattress, and all the bedding in general..
What is essential? What are my options? There are so many questions to ask. We will help answer them for you.

To have a Cradle or not?

Cons: Because a cradle is so small, you will not use it for very long depending on the growth of your baby. You can possibly use it between 3 and 6 months of the baby's life depending on the model of the cradle. If the cradle does not have wheels, it can be difficult to move from one room to another.
The cradle is usually sold with the appropriate bedding (mattress and bedding etc.). Reminder: Sheets and blankets are not recommended, bunting bag is ideal for sleeping inside the cradle.

Hammocks and Swings

Just like a cradle, hammocks and swings are adapted to the size of the baby.

The Crib

This is the most common choice for a baby bed.
The standard dimensions of a crib tend to be 24in x 48in and 28in x 56in.
Several options are available: adjustable mattress height by age of the child (for the position to bed is more comfortable for parents),head and foot of perforated bed or bars, side Opener ...
The aesthetic and antique beds often transmitted in the family usually have non-standard dimensions making it difficult to find suitable mattresses and textiles. . In addition, they do not meet current safety standards (material, height, spacing of bars etc...).
If you think your baby is "lost" in a crib, there are space reducers that are put in the bed that create a space the size of the first month.

The first bed is an important investment for the family but it can be pricey. That is why it would be a good idea to gift that will quickly and ideal for several years.

Plexiglass Bed

Pros: It looks nice in a room and allows the baby to see around him and allows his parents to clearly see what he is doing
Cons: Some moms complain about: the lack of ventilation inside the bed, the necessary regular cleaning of the Plexiglass and the noise that the child can make by tapping against it.

The Soft Carrier

Unlike the rigid carrier that attaches to the stroller and settles in the car, this carrier is full of fabric, foam and is mobile.
This great product can act as the baby's bed in the first months of life. It can be put inside the crib to create a cocoon effect for the baby; it can be installed in the parent's room for night feedings or bottle..
It is not designed to carry baby in the car or be attached to the stroller. It has a removable soft top that closes with a zipper and can isolate the child of light, wind or rain.
It comes with a mattress but you will need to buy a bottom, fitted sheet cradle size. The bunting is perfect for sleeping in the bassinet.

The Mattress

Many parents wonder if it is necessary to invest in a good mattress for the crib where baby will sleep until about 2 years or 2 1/2 years of age.A newborn will spend an average of 16 hours out of 24 sleeping. At two years, the toddler will spend an average of 14 hours out of 24 in bed:. It is essential to offer the best conditions for sleeping baby therefore, buying a new mattress is highly recommended for reasons of hygiene, safety and comfort.

This mattress is used in the crib or in a folding bed.
Dimensions: 24in x 48in or 28in x 56in depending on the size of the bed, if you opt for an antique bed, you will probably have to have a mattress made to fit the specific size of the bed. Whatever bed you have, the mattress should be exactly the size of the bed leaving no gaps so that the baby cannot slip between mattress and bed. In addition, the height between the top of the bed and the top of the mattress must be at least approximately 20 inches.
What to choose? :
Firmness: A firm, dense mattress is recommended by pediatricians. Several mattress densities are available, it is given in lbs/cubic foot and the higher it is, the more firm the mattress. The density recommended in a permanent bed is from 44lbs to 48 lbs per cubic foot of foam or bamboo fiber, 132lbs to 143lbs/cubic foot for latex.Below, this mattress is called the umbrella mattress and it is made for a fold-up cot.
Removable mattress covers are very practical as they are ventilated and can be washed regularly.
Material: The mattress can be made of foam (the most economical), springs (for better airflow), polyester fiber (allows good air circulation but can lose its original form over time) or latex (natural anti-allergic, it is an excellent material).

Treatments of the mattress fibers

Antibacterial: the mattress has been treated to prevent the growth of bacteria. Anti fungal: the mattress was treated to prevent mold formation. Anti mite: the mattress has been treated to prevent the occurrence of mites that cause allergies.
Conditioning: there are two side of the mattress. One is for winter and is made of winter wool which retains heat. The other side is made of cotton which is more comfortable during hot periods.

What to buy? : The mattress is sold separately and it is a good idea to buy a waterproof cover of the same size to protect it and keep it ventilated.

To prolong the life and effectiveness of the mattress, it is a good idea to change the position if the mattress itself in the crib periodically. For example, you can move the head of the mattress to the foot as well as flip it over.

The Bumper

Usefulness: It prevents baby from bumping into the bars, it protects from drafts and helps to create a friendly environment for a peaceful sleep. It can also prevent the pacifier from falling out of bed.
Form: In most cases, it attaches to the bars with tie fastening.

Bumpers come in a variety of designs and colors to match your tastes. It is recommended to wash the bumper often in hypo-allergenic soap.

The Baby Bedding

The sheets are so important as they will be in almost constant contact with baby's skin. A 100% cotton is the best material to prevent allergies and can easily be washed in a hypo-allergenic soap.
Form: The fitted sheet is typically fast drying with no ironing which saves valuable time.
Dimensions: This depends on the size of your bed: 24in x 48in or 28in x 56in. (measurements are approximate)
Maintenance: wash regularly
Quantity required: As babies tend to make messes like spit up, we recommend that you have at least 3 fitted sheets

Anti -Flat head baby pillow

Purpose: Because babies spend so much time lying down, some babies may have or develop a skull deformity. The anti-flat head cushion raises the head of the mattress slightly which helps prevent this deformity.
When to use? : From birth

Baby Wedge Pillow

Purpose: The medical profession now recommends that babies sleep only on their backs.. Certains modèles combinent coussin de maintien anti-tête plate et cale bébé. The Baby Wedge pillow consists of two adjustable blocks of foam that keeps the child in the proper position. Some models combine the anti-flat head pillow and sleep positioning pillow.

The Wearable Sleep Sack

Purpose: During the first three months after birth, the Sleep Sack is great for the new baby. It is a warm sack with a hood that creates a cozy, cocoon feeling while giving the baby the freedom to move. During the first few months, a baby sleeps on the average of 16 hours a day/night and really only leaves his bed to nurse or take the bottle and to go on some outings. When your baby is in the Sleep Sack, he is easily transported for feedings, can be placed in the stroller and car seat and your baby will have the constant feeling of security to fall asleep peacefully. .
Which to choose? : Some Sleep Sacks are equipped with straps to secure the baby in the car seat.
Some parents prefer to leave the Sleep Sack with straps permanently attached in the car seat which allows your baby to sleep uninterrupted while transferring into the car seat.
When to use? : Upon discharge from the hospital.

Sleeping Bag

Why the sleeping bag? : Sheets, blankets, duvets and pillows are not recommended by the medical professionals before 2 years of age for risk of smothering and suffocating. The sleeping bag is a secure and convenient solution: it keeps baby warm even when it moves in his sleep. It is like the Sleep Sack but typically the arms are free and there is no hood.

The Sleeping Bag comes in two sizes: 0/6 months 6/36 months.
The important thing is that your baby stays comfortable and warm. Some have removable sleeves so that baby stays warm during the night.
The Sleeping bag is for babies 0/6 months. It allows baby to sleep soundly without waking.
The Sleeping Bag for 6/36 months is used in a bigger bed. It keeps the baby warm and allows for movement. This Sleeping Bag is equipped with a reverse zipper which prevents the baby from unzipping.
When to use? : It depends on the weight of the baby. You can usually put your baby in one starting from 1 month to 6 weeks of age.

The Quilt

Why a quilt? : It is used to cover the bed and protect it from dust while providing a decorative finish to the room. You can lay it flat on top of the mattress to lay baby on top of it. You can also put it on your bad or floor and place the baby on it while you are playing with your baby.
Form: It comes with or without flaps. The flaps attach between the bars and the mattress. This choice is a matter of taste
Dimensions: 24in x 48in or 28in x 56in depending on the size of your baby's crib.
Care: machine wash in 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
Another plus: the quilt cover can serve you to put in the stroller or baby sit mat with games

The Toddler Cozy Arm Chair

This is the first piece of furniture that your toddler will use. It is great for your growing child to sit down here and play, look at a book ... Easily transportable; it can be moved from room to room. Typically they have a washable cover for easy cleaning. Your child will be comfortably seated with its stable armrests. When to use? : It can decorate the room early on. Your baby can benefit from 9/10 months to about 4 years.

Toys and Stuffed Animals

The favorite plush toy has a very important place in the life of your child. . It will be his beloved companion for many years and became almost a family member and even called by name. You will surely receive many plush toys at birth and your baby will make his own choice of his favorite.
Once the special toy is selected, you can buy several similar models in case of loss or wear. Be sure to hide the others carefully because if the baby finds out, he will claim all of them!

The Musical Mobile

It plays soft music to promote a peaceful sleep and develop the senses by the whirling characters. It is usually fixed on the bedposts or crib. Which one to choose? There are a wide variety of mobiles on the market with more music to choose from, with projecting lights and remote controls. Pay attention to the noise levels of the music so that you would imagine yourself in a quiet room rather than in a crowded store.
You can use the mobile from birth until about 6 months when baby sits up in bed and can grab it.