The Travel

Voyage-illustrationTravelling with your baby...

Take a walk, go to the pediatrician or family weekend, opportunities to move with her child are numerous. What are the necessary purchases?

When, taking baby out, it will be difficult to pass on the pram or stroller as they are pratical. They are often changing: from a single frame, you can secure the pram, the basket and the hammock. Carrying the baby or using a Sling, which are both useful, do not allow the same freedom.

The Pram

The pram allows the child to lie comfortably which is an ideal position for the baby from his first month to about 6 months.  Removing the frame of the pram from the basket and attach in the car, this can allow baby to sleep in the day and night.

Pros: A baby born at the beginning of the winter will be well protected from the weather in the basket of the pram.

The Negative:  The pram is bulky (basket and frame), do you have a way to store it easily without having to focus on several floors? You will then have to buy a handy stroller for every day.

Evolutionary stroller

The hammock can lie out to transform into a pram, you can attach a basket and use it as a stroller.

Pros: One frame for three uses.

The Negative: larger size and folding is not always easy.

The choice of model will depend on your home city or country, apartment or house, bungalow or multi-level and lifestyle.  Will you use the stroller daily or occasionally?  Should you take public transportation with baby and stroller?  The large wheels are adapted to country roads, small swivel front wheels for the city. Feel free to test their ease of folding and to fit them into your trunk.

The umbrella stroller

 The child will use a stroller when he can hold himself  in a sitting position from around 7 months.

Pros: Folds, unfolds in a snap, it takes very little space on the sidewalks and stores easily. It can be equipped with a removable hood and other options (such as rain cover).

The Negative:  The new models of strollers are well equipped but tend to be more cumbersome.

The Baby Carrier / the Sling

What's the point? It helps out with baby without needing a stroller.

Which to choose? There are baby carriers facing forward or facing the parent, stomache baby carrier, Chinese baby baby carrier, baby slings ...

Pros: It allows hands-free and touch baby / parent is very much appreciated. Some models allow you to install baby in several positions (cradle, facing the road ... or mother). The sling allows the parent to carry a growing baby for a long time.

The Negative:   Some babies can't stand the carrier. When baby grows, the sling can be painful for the wearer's back.

The sling will require training and practice to attach and install baby.

The Diaper Bag

What a bag? This is the bag that carries all of the baby's stuff  like diapers, bottles, changing, blanket  etc.   for a short trip to go to the nurse or nursery or go on vacation ...

Which to choose? There are backpacks, bags worn over the shoulder, some with short handles.  The changing mat included in the diaper bag is handy. If two parents are required to use the bag, make sure it pleases both. Priority should be given the practical aspect: What can I bring? Then I wash it easily? He moved easily on my stroller?

Options: There are various kinds of bags: off the shoulder, backpack, suitcase...  You will find hard or soft bags. You choose according to your preference. Choose a model that you can attach to the pram and stroller. Check the handles: are they comfortable on the shoulders? hand?

When to use: This is the first baby bag: the bag for maternity.

Another plus: To avoid overloading the bag, think about bringing samples of products that take up less space.

Travelling by car

The Bassinet

Suitable for first month, it allows baby to travel fully extended. It is necessary to have a mounting kit per the car standards attaching it in the car, strapped to keep baby secure and the anti-ejection netting. Car seat group 0 is preferred.

The basket

Useful for the first few months (about 6 months).  It is not suitable for long trips.

The car seat

Ideally, when possible, is to be attached in the back seat with child's back facing the road.

There are five groups according to the age and weight of the baby:

Group 0: birth to 20lbs

Group 0 +: birth to 30lbs

Group 1: 20 lbs to 41lbs

Group 2: 35lbs to 58lbs

Group 3: 51lbs to 83lbs

depending on the age and weight of the baby. You will need to have at least two car seats up to 10 years of age of the child. It is important to take into consideration the ease of installing it, how comfortable it is for your baby and how easy it is to clean.

The Travel Bed

The travel bed or umbrella bed is very convenient for baby to sleep while traveling.

It has a thin mattress suitable for occasional sleeping. Equipped with the bed sheets and baby can sleep there in a sleeping sack.

The folding bed

This is a bed that folds, unfolds and transports easily. There are different models and shapes, the tent or bassinet with mosquito net, some have stimulating games ...

Pros: Lightweight and compact

The Negative:  the first few times putting it together, assembly can be challenging and the mattress, if it is not self inflating, can be long to inflate.